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Adventure Activities In Uttarakhand

Here comes in Adventure, in Uttarakhand - just in time for your next Holidays! Uttarakhand Adventure gives clean and multitalented tour with just about any quite Adventure creation. The rightfully said queen of hill stations. Uttarakhand is understood everywhere the planet for awesome climate and serene landscapes. We Established Uttarakhand Adventure with the main motive to supply all travel and adventure related services to our precious domestic and international clients. We aren't just a reputation , but a commitment for services committed, we are one-stop travel solution service supplier offering a spread of Camp & Tour; Travel packages. We cater to varied necessities of our diverse range of clients. Uttarakhand Adventure offers wide selection of adventure activities within the area like Trekking in Uttarakhand Himalayas, Jeep safari to Corbett and Rajaji, Skiing Uttarakhand, hiking in Uttarakhand, Ski touring, and Mountain biking in Uttarakhand. Our customers comprise major tour operators and group organizer from everywhere globe. Visit us for beguiling Eco tourism supported daring activities and cultural skills.

Uttarakhand Adventure provides you Trekking in Uttarakhand, Camping in Uttarakhand, and Paragliding in Uttarakhand and lots of adventures in Uttarakhand. we've India's most experienced purpose management specialist. Our staff is young and lively having exceptional diary in travel industry. Our committed team of execs , multi-lingual guides and our world class infrastructure gives you the foremost marvelous value of your cash and endless happy reminiscences of Uttarakhand India. At Uttarakhand Adventure the team of young passionate professionals who all are locals of Uttarakhand & knows everything’s that’s you desire to understand concerning your dream destination; will Guide you in every a part of your Journey to form it an experience to embrace. We promise you to possess a joy able knowledge from the time of your booking to backside home with recollections. together with your relieve as our prime answerability, we make sure that you simply get the simplest of your holiday while you interconnect with the locals, absorb the theatrical landscape close you and just feel one with nature, while we take your gear, arrange your meals, found out your camps and obtain care of all of your provisions. At Uttarakhand Adventure we would like you to stress concerning nothing but getting the foremost out of your trip. So just give us an opportunity then we make your holiday brilliant that our guarantee.

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Adventure Uttarakhand
Air Cycling Adventure

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Adventure Uttarakhand
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Adventure Uttarakhand
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Uttarakhand Adventure Activity

Trekking: Of all the paths you're taking while walking, confirm few of them are dirt and for that, trekking proves to be a highly enjoyable also as physically wholesome. the enjoyment of walking with the aim of reaching the highest of a mountain is incomparable. Bali Pas trek, Deoriatal Trek, Chandrashila trek, Doditaltrek, Nag Tibba trek and Pandukholi are a number of the commendable treks that traveling enthusiasts must experience.

River Rafting: Enjoy a fun-filled and enthralling river rafting experience within the strong currents of Ganga.

White River Rafting: Gushing straight from the holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Saryu and Kali, Uttarakhand offers a memorable White Rafting experience to everybody. River rafting is one among the foremost popular adventure sports usually wiped out Uttarakhand. Places like Rishikesh, Nain Bag, Balwakot, Mori provide the rafting enthusiasts with satisfactory rafting tours.

Camping: Cold air, dark nights, a warm fire and bright stars are like dream come true for everyone . Uttarakhand camping offers all this at a coffee budget to the visitors. For people looking forward to staying in nature’s motel, camping is that the answer. Kanatal, Rishikesh, Deoria Tal, Dhanaulti, Chopta, Chaukori are a number of the simplest camping destinations to fill your mind also because the soul with immense serenity and gratitude.

Elephant Safari: Elephant safaris are often best wiped out Uttarakhand because the place is flooded with rich wildlife and fauna along side a weather that suits the ride over the foremost commendable fauna present everywhere India. Corbett Jungle Safari, Monsoon trek with IRIS Resort, Jungle safari with Saalvan resort are a number of the astonishing Elephant safari experiences that has got to be done by the visitors.

Golfing: Golf isn't just a sport but how of living during a royal and therefore the most astounding manner. Golfing has been famous amongst visitors who visit Uttarakhand on a daily basis. Serene Weather, spacious environment and fresh air are what makes the place ideal for golfing. a number of the destinations that provide golfing are Golf ground Ranikhet, Raj Bhawan golf links, Himalaya mini golf links in Nainital.

Paragliding: Fly to highest altitudes and see the Himalayas and therefore the beautiful land beneath, from the highest . Paragliding explains the very fact that until you spread your wings, you'll 't skills long and the way far you can fly. Experiencing this adventure sport in Uttarakhand may be a dream come true for adventurous folks. ThamriKund in Munsiyari, Sky bird adventures in Kedarnath, Dream mountain tours in Auli, Spring Birds in Nainital and Naukuchiatal are a number of the main paragliding offering places to visitors in Uttarakhand.

Bungee Jumping: A massive attraction for all the adrenaline junkies. People from India and abroad come to experience this free fall from a cliff and let themselves loose. Uttarakhand has highly suited places for this adventurous sport a number of them being Rishikesh, Mohan Chatti, Shivpuri, are a number of the destinations which will have you ever looking for another bungee jumping experience once you get through with the primary one.

Skiing: A pair of skis is that the ultimate transportation to freedom. Skiing in Uttarakhand during winters are some things that's a requirement experience by visitors, rendering an astonishing journey to the planet of snow. Places like Auli, Jyotirmath, Munsiyari, DayaraBugyal in Uttarakhand are affordable and commendable places to travel for a skiing tour.

Mountaineering: The art of mountaineering are often thought of as knowing where to travel , when to travel and when to retreat. Another life-changing experience that’s a requirement experience in Uttarakhand is Mountaineering. Garhwal and Kumaon regions offer great hiking experience to the travelers rendering them with satisfaction and inner peace. PanchKedar, Kedarnath and Pithoragarh offer great mountaineering.

Rock Climbing: Climbing the rocks is as close as we will get to flying for it’s not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves. hiking is one such adventure that the tourists must experience in Uttarakhand. Nainital, Mussoorie, Gangotri, Pithoragarh and Rishikesh are a number of the commendable destinations for this sport.

Canoeing and Kayaking: Water is believed to supply the foremost profound shortcut to happiness available within the whole universe. Canoeing and Kayaking in Uttarakhand must be experienced a minimum of once by the tourists as you want to let the water take you along its course amidst the serene environment of Uttarakhand. Rishikesh, Dakpathar and Ramganga are a number of the sites opted for this amazing sport.

Rappelling: Uttarakhand features a lot to supply when it involves the dynamic sport of rappelling, try it here for the simplest rappelling experience within the world.

Cliff Jumping: Anything that gets your excited and thrilled is certainly worth doing and one such experience has got to be cliff jumping. Jumping off a cliff can cause you to continue an insanely amazing tour whose ultimate destination is inner peace and gratification. Mukteshwar, Rishikesh, Devprayag are a number of the foremost opted destinations for this adventurous sport.

Body Surfing: In order to achieve peace, you simply need three things, your body, a surfboard and waves that might take you on a journey amidst the serene water. Body surfing may be a popular sport opted by many tourists in Uttarakhand. Places in Uttarakhand with an important supply of holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Saryu convince be ideal for body surfing, one such place being Rishikesh.

Flying Fox: Zip-line activities like fruit bat are the main attractions of Uttarakhand. The place has all the natural space required for the visitors to urge a real-time flying experience with an adrenaline flow that creates you overwhelmed. Shivpuri in Rishikesh offers the simplest fruit bat experience everywhere Uttarakhand.

Cable Car Ride: Cable car ride is another activity that's often wiped out Uttarakhand and is liked by many. The mesmerizing view that the ride offers, being at an altitude almost like mountain peaks, is worth experiencing. Auli, Mussorie, Chamoli are a number of the favored destinations to travel for if getting to car ride.

Being placed at the foothills of the nice himalayas, Uttarakhand may be a dream come back true for adventure sports lovers. With over half the world of Uttarakhand underneath a rugged and mountainous topography, the place is good for journey sports, besides the same old tourer attractions of nature and faith. Being blessed by the glacial watercourse Ganga, Uttarakhand is counted amongst the highest athletics destinations in India. The region is dotted with various streams that flows through rocky terrains and dense forests. This makes Uttarakhand far-famed for water adventure activities like white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing and water athletics.
Besides the difficult streams, Uttarakhand additionally offers its tourists an expensive mix of undulated terrains, rocky cliffs and densely wooded regions. These spots in Uttarakhand ar all right fitted to trekking, hiking, climb and athletics, if one desires to explore the snow capped trenches throughout winters. alternative standard adventure sports in Uttarakhand embody paragliding, camping and auto expedition.
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