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Chamba Himachal Pradesh

Chamba Tourism

Chamba is located withinside the western Himalayas among north latitudes 32°10 and 33°13 and east longitudes 75°45 and 77°33. The Chamba district touches the bounds with Jammu and Kashmir at the North-West and West, Ladakh vicinity of Jammu and Kashmir and Lahaul and Bara Banghal at the North-East and East, Kangra at the South-East and Gurdaspur district of Punjab at the South.
Chamba, the natural depression of milk and honey is understood for its streams, meadows, temples, paintings, rumal ( piece of cloth ) and lakes. Chamba has few rivals for its scenic beauty. Chamba is placed at associate altitude of 926 metres. and spreads within the space of 24 km. There are three well outlined ranges within the district - The Dhauladhar range, the Pangi or Pir Panjal range and Zanskar vary. settled on the banks of the Ravi river the township resembles associate Italian village fortress. Chambas temples are mostly dedicated to Lord Shiva and Vishnu and are designed of richy engraved stone. The city is additionally the bottom for cushion shepherds who, though mobile in their method of life, come back to Chamba sporadically to stock supplies. Chamba is thus protected by snow-covered mountain barriers that its monuments at large destruction at the hands of invaders, that is why it still remains one in all the simplest preserved heartlands of the Himalayan arts.


In reality, Chamba has no rival for its scenic beauty. It is my favored region in entire Himachal. The maximum appealing element which pulls me in the direction of Chamba is the excessive cultured society of Chamba. Tourism in Chamba gives eternal recollections of an area this is so lovely yet so without difficulty accessible. If you live right here for some days, you experience like you have spent an entire yr and that is the important thing first-rate of Chamba as a ways as tourism in Chamba is concerned. Chamba has locations i.e. Dalhousie and Khajjiar which can be on the arena map for tourism sports in Himachal. So we could recognise what's so unique approximately toruism in Chamba. Chamba has crossed one thousand years of establishment. Tourism in Chamba is maximum suitable to individuals who are non secular minded due to uncountable range of temples. Chamba could be very very well-known for its lovely temples made in Shikhara Style. Chamba has the maximum sacred region in entire Himachal known as Manimahesh ( Mountain Kailash ) that's stated to be the house of the precept deity of Himachal - the apparent Lord Shiva. Tourism in Chamba gives many locations to go to i.e. Bharmaur that's well-known for its well-known Chaurasi Temples ( eighty four temples ), Dalhousie that's the maximum quiet hill station in India, Khajjiar which has been given the call Mini Switzerland, Pangi Valley that's well-known for its breath taking beauty of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar range. All in all, tourism in Chamba gives a traveler the maximum lovely tourism enjoy combining adventure tourism, non secular tourism and amusing orientated tourism. Chamba is one of the should journeying locations in Himachal.

About Chamba Tourism & Travel Guide

Famous Places Around Chamba:
Kailash Manimahesh :
( 4,170 metres ) Mani-Mahesh is 28 kms. from Bharmour. During mela days green bus carrier is available upto Hadsar. This lake is meant to be blessed via way of means of goddess Kali and covered via way of means of Lord Shiva. Thousands of pilgrims adventure right here to wash in its sacred water, at the 15th day, following the competition of Janamashtami. A truthful is held each yr at this lake at some point of the month of August or September. This is the have to visible region in Chamba.

Bhuri Singh Museum :
Bhuri Singh Museumis one of the oldest museums in India. It became set up in September 1908 via way of means of the Raja Bhuri Singh beneathneath the steerage and proposal of venerable historian of Indian Art Professor John Philip Vogel. It is on the sector artwork map due to its best series of Pahari miniature paiting chieflu Chamba and guler Kangra styles. Apart from the paintings, the museum homes a big series of epigraphs, copper plates, historic documents, manuscripts, sculptures in stone, metallic and wooden, Chamba rumals, coins, murals, wooden carvings, armour and different ornamental arts. Opens day by day from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. except on Monday and gazetted/nearby holidays. Lunch time is 1:30 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. It is likewise open on Sunday.

Temples :
Chamba has severa historic temples patterned withinside the fashion of nearby hill architecture, in addition to Shikhara temples. The principal businesses of of those temples, Lakshminarayan, in addition to maximum withinside the vicinity are committed to Lord Shiva and Vishnu, constructed withinside the duration among the eighth and tenth centuries A.D. The Chaturmukhi photo is a primary spotlight on the Hari Rai Temple. Some different critical temples of Chamba are the Bansi Gopal temple, Shri Bajreshwari temple and Chamunda Devi temple. There is likewise a shrine committed to the reminiscence of Rani Suhi who, because the legend, sacrificed herself, so water ought to to the metropolis Chamba.

Chamab Chaugan :
A public promenade - a grassy maidan much less than 1 km. in duration and approximately 75 metres wide. It is a hectic nearby buying and selling centre for villagers from the encompassing hills. Each year Chaugan is the web website online for the Minjar procession ( Minjar Mela ). The truthful lasts for every week and those attend the truthful withinside the Minjar procession. The truthful lasts for every week and those attend the truthful withinside the nearby customs and colourful dresses, in a gay temper taking walks withinside the Chaugan in which a big quantity of sports activities and cultural sports take region to commemoratethis occasion. On the belief of truthful the "Minjars" are immersed into the Ravi river. It is likewise an status quo base for diverse thrilling treks into the valley round.

Chamba Town :
Located at the banks of the Ravi river the township resembles an Italian village fortress. The climate of Chamba is continually pleasant, now no longer too bloodless and now no longer too warm due to its common peak of 1006 meters from suggest sea level. A mild cool breeze is fresh the entire metropolis at intervals. There are many well-known locations round Chamba Town. Chamba is recognised for its streams, meadows, temples, paintings, rumal ( handkerchief ) and lakes. Chamba Town once in a while stories snowfall at some point of wintry weather that provides to the splendor of Chamba Town. The humans of Chamba are very beneficial and innocent. Chamba Town is likewise the primary marketplace for plenty villages from close to and far.

Laxmi Narayan Temple :
Laxmi Narayana Temple, that is the primary temple of Chamba metropolis became constructed via way of means of Sahil Varman withinside the tenth century AD. The temple has been constructed withinside the Shikhara fashion. The temple includes Bimana i.e. Shikhara and GarbhGriha with a small antralya. Laxmi Narayana Temple has a mandapa like shape also. The wood Chhattries, the shell roof, atop the temple have been in reaction to the nearby climatic situations as a protection in opposition to snowfall. There are numerous different temples in the complicated. The temple of Radha krishna, Shiva Temple of Chandergupta and Gauri Shankar Temple are amongst those.

Chamunda Devi Temple :
This temple is positioned at the spur of the Shah Madar Hill overlooking the metropolis to its south east. The temple stands on a raised platform. The temple has inventive carvings on its lintel, pillars and the ceiling. Behind the primary temple is a small shrine of Lord Shiva withinside the Shikhara fashion. There is any other platform in the front of this temple in which very antique peepul bushes offer refuge to the visitors. From this platform a birds eye view of maximum of the land marks withinside the metropolis which include Chaugan, Circuit House, maximum of the temples and river Ravi may be had. The temple is being sorted via way of means of Archaeological Survey of India. This temple may be approached via way of means of avenue from Chamba ( three km. ). The temple is an perfect picnic spot during the yr as it has an smooth approach and a commanding view.

Hari Rai Temple :
This temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu and dates returned to eleventh century. It became likely constructed via way of means of Salabahana. This temple lies withinside the north-west nook of the primary Chaugan, which had have become the reliable front to the metropolis via way of means of the cease of nineteenth C. A steep course results in the antique Shitla bridge, which became built withinside the yr 1894. The temple is constructed in Shikhara fashion and stands on a stone platform. The Shikhara of the temple is finely carved. This is one of the important antique temples, that is farfar from the antique township and the most effective one close to the Chaugan.

Chamba Church :
Situated withinside the principal Chamba marketplace is the lovely Chamba Church. This Church became erected via way of means of Raja Sham Singh and proficient to the church of Scotland assignment for the usage of the christian network in Chamba. Its basis stone became laid on seventeenth February, 1899 A.D. and its paintings became completed in 1905 A.D.

Chamba Library :
Inside the Government College of Chamba is the antique Chamba library. You can locate books on nearly each subject matter of Himachal Pradesh right here, i.e. Himachal history, geography, states, books explaining historic artwork and culture at the side of pix of historic coins, armour etc. If you are interested by the monuments, manuscripts, ornaments, wood articles of utilities etc., determined withinside the Bhuri Singh Museum, then you definitely have to visit Chamba Library. Here you could locate truck masses of books on those subjects. There is likewise an workplace located close to the library and you could locate diverse books on different subjects right here. And now no longer to mantion, you could also locate mystery-mystery and adventurous novels of diverse writers right here.

Sui Mata Temple :
According to a legend, the Chamba metropolis had no handy water supply. And consequently the Raja had a water path crafted from the Sarohta circulation, however someway the water refused to go into the channel made for it. It became ascribed to supernatural causes. The Saints cautioned that the spirit of the circulation have to be tranquilized and sufferer have to be both Rani ( Queen ) or her son. The Rani named Naina Devi were given equipped to sacrifice herself. Accompanied via way of means of her maidens and naked-headed as for Sati, she became taken to the spot close to the village of Balota, in which Rani became buried alive. The legend is going on to mention that once the grave became crammed in, the water commenced to go with the drift and has ever because flowed abundantly. A shrine became built on the pinnacle of thehill via way of means of Raja in her reminiscence. A truthful known as Suhi Mela is likewise held in her reminiscence from fifteenth of Chait to the first of Vaishakh, in which most effective girls and kids are allowed to participate.

Bharmaur :
( 2,195 metres ) sixty five km. ) Bharmour became the authentic capital of the nation of Chamba. It has numerous historic temples and monuments that replicate its erswhile glory. Some of the critical temples are of - Manimahesh, Lakshna Devi, Ganesh and Nar Singh. This vicinity is likewise home to Semi-nomadic Shepherds, the Gaddis. Once known as Brahmpura, still keeps its eighty four ( Chaurasi ) historic temples and the monuments of its one time glory, a number of which date returned to the seventh century A.D.

Chaurasi Temples :
The principal complicated have temple of Lakshana Devi, Ganesha, Manimahesh and Narsingha. According to a legend, eighty four Yogis visited Bharmaur at some point of the vicinity of king Sahil Verman. Pleased with the kings humanity and hospitality, the yogis blessed the king with ten sons and a daughter Champawati. The temples courting returned to the ninth century, are one of the maximum critical early Hindu Temples in Chamba valley. The remote of sixty five km. from Chamba to Bharmaur is included via way of means of avenue. Special buses ply most effective at some point of Chhari Yatra days in September.

Lama Dal :
Held sacred to Lord Shiva, this lake lies amidst naked rock. Lama Dal method an extended lake. It is withinside the internal slopes of Dhauladhar variety. This is a collection of 7 lakes, the most important of all is Lama Dal. It is 20 km from Dainkund (Dayankund). It is stated to have unknown depth.

Pangi Valley :
This variety of the Himachal withinside the Mid-Himalaya known as Pir Panjal via way of means of geologists and Pangi Range via way of means of not unusualplace humans. It is the direct continuation of the primary Himalayan axis getting into the Himachal at the East of Bushahr. After dividing Kullu from Lahaul-Spiti, it enters Chamba territory at the Western border of Bara Banghal and traverses the district for extra than sixty miles. This variety divides Chamba into unequal sections and separate those from every different to such an extent that even withinside the summer time season there's relatively little inter communications. The Northern or smaller phase known as Pangi and Chamba-Lahaul, is then absolutely remoted from the outer world.

How To Reach - Chamba
Airport: The nearest airports are at Chandigarh (120 km), and Simla (63 km).
Rail: No information Available yet!!
By Road: Chamba is 122 Km from pathankot via Dalhousie, Khajjiar. Bus Service is available from pathankot to chamba. From Simla via Kufri the distance is 45 km and via Kandaghat the distance is 61 km. Kalka is 86 km away. Regular buses for Chail leave from Simla, Chandigarh and Delhi.