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FAQ's : Rafting in Rishikesh

What are the best rafting stretches in Rishikesh?

Best Rafting Stretches in Rishikesh -
1. Shivpuri to Rishikesh(Nim Beach) - 16 Km.
2. Marine Drive to Shivpuri - 10 Km
3. Marine Drive to Rishikesh(Nim Beach) - 15 Km.
4. Brahmpuri to Rishikesh - 09 Km.
5. Kaudiyala to Rishikesh - 36 Km.

Most popular rafting section in Rishikesh?

Rafting from Shivpuri to Rishikesh (Nim Beach) is the most popular and top-selling rafting section in Rishikesh. The total distance covered during this section is 16 Km. Price of Shivpuri to Rishikesh rafting is Rs 1000 per person.

How to book rafting in Rishikesh online?

You can directly book rafting in Rishikesh on call.
To confirm the booking for your group, we require a minimum of 30% amount to be paid in advance at the time of making the reservations. We shall issue you the booking voucher on receipt of the advance. A balance of 70% is to be paid on arrival.

Latest Rishikesh rafting price in Oct 2024?

The latest and updated Rishikesh rafting prices for Oct 2024 are-
16 Km (Shivpuri to Rishikesh) - Rs 1000.
10 Km (Marine Drive to Shivpuri) - Rs 600.
25 Km (Marine Drive to Rishikesh) - Rs 1500
You can get more Discount - Call @ (+91) 94115 29408

Best season for rafting in Rishikesh?

The season for River Rafting is from the 1st of September to the 30th of June.
The best season to do rafting is from September to October and from March to April

There are how many registered rafting operators in Rishikesh?

According to the Uttarakhand Government Tourism Website, there is a total of 266 rafting company in Rishikesh that owns a total of 625 rafts total.

Which month is best for river rafting in Rishikesh?

October to February: These months constitute the winter season in Rishikesh and see an average temperature of 19°C to 27°C. Despite the slight chill, this season is ideal for rafting and many travellers often visit Rishikesh during this time.

Equipment needed for Rafting?

Paddles, safety aids, life jackets, helmets, throw bags, and dry bags. Mostly all river rafting companies in Rishikesh provide all the rafting gear and equipment you need on the river, so you don’t have to carry much else besides your sunscreen.

Does the rafting price include insurance & transportation?

No. Only Transportation from our Shivpuri office to the rafting starting point and the pick up from the endpoint to the Shivpuri office is included in the price.

Can non-swimmers do rafting in Rishikesh?

Yes, It is perfectly safe for non-swimmers to go rafting in Uttarakhand. As long as you have a life jacket on, there is nothing to fear.

Which place is called the rafting hub of Uttarakhand?

Shivpuri is called the white water rafting hub in Uttarakhand.

Which is the longest rafting stretch offered?

From Kaudiyala to Rishikesh. Distance - 36 Km | Duration - 6 to 8 Hours | Price - Rs 2800 / person | Rapid Grades - I, II, III, IV & V | Minimum 6 people required for the trip.

FAQ's About Rishikesh Camping

What is the best time for camping in Rishikesh?

Camping in Rishikesh is open throughout the year. However, winter (Oct to February) is the best time for camping in Rishikesh. And summer is the best time if you are coming to Rishikesh for rafting and camping.

Types of camps in Rishikesh?

There are three categories of camps in Rishikesh:-

  1. Alpine Tents: These camps provide basic accommodation in nature. In this campsite washroom and electricity facility are available in a common area. All Camps in Rishikesh, which are close to the Ganga River mostly offer accommodation at luxury camps.
  2. Swiss Camps: Swiss Camps in Rishikesh offer all basic amenities inside tents like lights, charging points, attached washroom, etc. These campsites also provide a swimming pool on their premises. Swiss camps are the best option for camping in Rishikesh to enjoy nature with a comfortable stay.
  3. Cemented Cottages: Cottages in Rishikesh provides accommodation in hard cemented or wood rooms. The itinerary and activities of Rishikesh cottages are similar to camps. In the garden area of the property, guests can enjoy a bonfire and music. Buffet meals are served in the dining area..
Cost for 1 Night Camping in Rishikesh?

1 Night camping in Rishikesh will cost you around Rs 1200 to Rs 2000 per person depending on the date of travel, total no of people, and the type of campsite you're opting for. Feel Tourism offers four camping sites in Rishikesh and has packages in every budget starting from Rs 1100 per person*.

Best camping package in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh camping packages start from Rs 1100 per person*, and the best-selling camping package in Rishikesh is Camping with Rafting. Rishikesh is very popular for river rafting. Most people come to Rishikesh for rafting and select camps for their stay. During the season (March to June), 80% of people who have a booking for camps have rafting included in their package. Other than camping with rafting, below are some best-selling activities that you can add to your camping packages -

  • Reverse Bungee
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Flying Fox
  • Zipline over the Ganges
  • Kayaking
Best rafting camping package in Rishikesh?

Below are the best-selling packages for Rishikesh camping and rafting -

  • Camping + 10 Kms Rafting (Marine Drive to Shivpuri)
  • Camping + 16 Kms Rafting (Shivpuri to Nim Beach)
  • Camping & 26 Kms Rafting (Marine Drive to Shivpuri)
What is the best time for camping in Rishikesh?

The peak season for camping in Rishikesh is during the period between March and November months. It is the peak season to enjoy all adventure activities in Rishikesh. To enoy trip to the fullest, avoid camping during rainy season.

Best camp in Rishikesh for families?

Luxury Swiss Camps in Rishikesh are the best option for families to stay. Hygiene is the biggest concern of families, and luxury camps provide neat and clean accommodation with an attached washroom.

Things to do with camping in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is the most popular tourist destination owing to the beautiful scenery, picturesque setting, pleasant environment, and the umpteen number of things to do in Rishikesh. Though it is a popular tourist destination, there are many unique experiences that it offers, unlike the other mainstream hill stations. There is an endless number of things to do in Rishikesh for fun and peace. Below are some best activities you can enjoy in Rishikesh:

  1. River Rafting
  2. Kayaking
  3. Bungee Jumping
  4. Waterfall Trekking
  5. Giant Swing
  6. Reverse Bungee
  7. Zipline
  8. Beach Volleyball
  9. Cliff Jumping

There are 40+ things to in activities in Rishikesh

Best Tourist Attractions in Rishikesh?

There is an endless number of places to visit in Rishikesh for fun and peace. It also has several waterfalls, temples, ashrams, adventure activities, and pretty beaches. Check out our elaborate list of best tourist places in Rishikesh given below.

  • Ashrams in Rishikesh
  • Neer Garh Waterfall
  • Goa Beach in Rishikesh
  • Caves in Rishikesh
  • Shivpuri Rafting Starting Point
  • Laxman Jhula Rishikesh
  • Beatles Ashram Rishikesh
  • Patna Waterfall
  • Adventure Park
Best locations for camping in Rishikesh?

When heading to Rishikesh for camping, there are many spots for camping like Shivpuri, Mohanchatti, Neelkanth, Kaudiyala, etc. Shivpuri tops the list when it comes to the most visited camping spot in Rishikesh. River rafting in Rishikesh starts from Shivpuri, and to enjoy this activity, most tourists opt to stay in Shivpuri.