Terms and Conditions

Reservations(Terms and Conditions)

Advance reservations by email, phone or WhatsApp are accepted, but must be confirmed within seven days.
All Booking are accepted, and customer-based contracts accept zone rules and current reserve requirements if they have read or not.
Booking is confirmed upon receipt of 100% of the total cost of your stay. They will send you a “confirmation” by mail after receiving the deposit.
If Booking are made at the last minute and payment can be made to our bank account, customers are able to make full and final cash payments at the time of registration, which is a drawback as arrival service . can do. Deny our conscience.

Cancellations(Terms and Conditions)

We should be informed of any change in the number of participants or canceled immediately and we reserve the right to cancel the service charges / cancellation as detailed below. If canceled:-

If 30 days in advance - cancellation fee is 0%
If 15 days in advance - 25% is cancellation fee
If 7 days in advance - 50% is cancellation fee
If Less than 1(one) week - cancellation fee of 100% (Not Refundable)

Note: - If a part of the package is invalid, the return cannot be claimed or any part of the package is not interchangeable with other services. If the tour is extended, if necessary, additional, it will be paid directly to us by our customers.

Damage and Breakage

Any damage must be reported and paid. If no breaks were reported, and we reserve the right to charge a repair or replacement fee, payable upon request.


Irrational or noisy activities will not be accepted, and we reserve the right to refuse entry or to exclude anyone who behaves badly and causes inconvenience to other tourists. In such cases, we will not provide refunds for lost vacation days.