Kasauli Hill Station

Kasauli The Snow-Capped Mountains

Dotted with Dense timbered woods, Kasauli is perched in the Solan district in the charming state of Himachal Pradesh. It offers the allure of a calm and composed tourist appeal. Kasauli is famed for its picture perfect surroundings and magnificent Victorian mansions. The snow-covered mountains, lush greenery, gurgling torrents and alpine meadows enhance the unspoiled exquisiteness of the hill station.

It is undoubtedly an amazing place for all those who are seeking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is one of the few places that built up by British kingdom during the peak time in India. While in Kasauli you will be accompanied by the bright green beauty and sweet voices of the birds. No other place can offer as much peace as Kasauli. So come and bask in the beautiful paradise on earth.

Kasauli is also very famous hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh, India. Waterfalls, high peaks, lakes, valleys, forests are the house to the Kasauli. In Kasauli Tourism, there are numerous Natural picturesque sites. There are many Cheddar and pine forests and these forest adds more beauty to the town same like food spices. By Kasauli Tourism one can explore the entire city within a couple of days. If you're checking out the simplest hill stations to go to then you'll also provides a attempt to Kasauli Trip. From everywhere the planet peoples visit Kasoli to explore the Kasauli Attractions. If can easily get Kasauli Tour Packages at a reasonable rate. This town includes soo many tourist places where you'll visit and make many memories.


Kasauli Tour Packages 2021

Located within the solant goose district of western Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli could be a quaint hill station visited by thousands of travelers each year. covering mountains, gabled buildings, dense forests, gurgling torrents and alpine meadows characterize Kasauli touristry.

Kasauli Tour Packages Duration Price*
Kasauli Tour Packages 1 Night/2 Days Rs 8,899/- per person
Kasauli Sightseeing Tour Package 2 Nights/3 Days Rs 24,899/- per person
Remarkable Kasauli Tour Package 1 Night/2 Days Rs 15,199/- per person
A Delightful Kasauli Tour Package 2 Nights/3 Days Rs 15,899/- per person
Kasauli Honeymoon Package 2 Nights/3 Days Rs 27,499/- per person

* Mentioned prices may vary depending upon date of travel, hotel/resorts availability, surge pricing and seasonal rush.

Top Places To Visit In Kasauli

For your Kasauli Package, the simplest time to go to is all year-round. You don’t need to await a particular season to go to here. This destination is usually between Chandigarh and Shimla. As this is often the Chandigarh and Shimla highway, there are several Best Hotels In Kasauli from which you'll choose easily. Here the temperature is usually moderate. In case, you're not that conscious of the places then we are here supplying you with a brief description o the places that are worth watching.

The Lower and Upper Mall
Lower and Upper Mall KasauliLower and Upper Mall KasauliLower and Upper Mall KasauliLower and Upper Mall Kasauli Travelers never ignore the two main roads of Kasauli, which is known as the Lower and the Upper Mall. The area has various shops and the very popular Kasauli Club. This area is one of the busiest locations of Kasauli that attracts numerous tourists from all over the world. The Upper Mall Kasauli offers a splendid walk down around 2.5 km road that is surrounded with the amazing and splendid scenic views and historical buildings. Famous for being the posh area of Kasauli, it is situated on the higher side of the region. An array of picturesque views of the valleys and hills is what one can enjoy viewing at the Upper Mall. It's an enchanting place where nature lovers can get pampered and enjoy a moment of bliss at the sunset point. Visitors may also find a chain of pine and oak trees, the chirping of birds, and the scenic beauty of nature that makes one feel like travelling in wonderland. If someone is seeking to get the best of nature and Kasauli, then you may visit the enchanting Gilbert Trail that begins from the Upper Mall itself. The serene atmosphere and excellent beauty across the road attracts every soul and remains deep in heart till existence.

Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple
Devoted to Baba Balak Nath Shrine, a dedicated admirer of Lord Shiva, Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple is easily reachable by taxi or car. There is a belief that if barren couple prays at this temple, their wishes to have babies get nurtured.

Monkey Point
One of the most famous attractions in Kasauli is the Monkey Point which is the highest point in this place. One of the highest peaks in Kasauli is Monkey Point that falls at the distance of 4 km from Kasauli bus stop. Located in 'The Air Force Station' close to the Lower Mall region, the point offers breathtaking views of Chandigarh and the Sutlej River. There is a small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman that sits on this hill. As per a legend of the Ramayana, when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas after getting the magical herb 'Sanjivani Booti', his foot touched Kasauli hilltop and that's the reason this place is named as Monkey Point.

This point is famous for hosting a small temple that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This temple is set on the top of the hill and crowded by a number of monkeys that keep busting the place. On a starry and clear night, the striking view of Chandigarh is viewed from Monkey Point. This point is the major attraction for nature lovers and honeymooners as this place flaunt everyone with its wonderful scenic views, calm ambience and hopping monkeys. If you're an animal photography lover then for you this place is best as here you'll click the birds and money pictures.

Baptist Church
Erected by the British in 1923, Baptist Church is a main appeal of the town which attracts the attention of the travelers from wide and far. It is a fusion of Indian and gothic style structural design which makes it a wonderful place to pay a visit. People come and lightweight candles here and also after taking the blessings move forward for an additional destination which leads the road to monkey point.

Kasauli is a perfect destination for those wanting to pay it slow far from the hustle and bustle of cities. Once a favorite summer retreat of British, Kasauli boasts a number of the foremost delicately designed colonial era subject area marvels. Adorned with foggy lanes, cobbled roads, fantastically designed avenues and blooming gardens, Kasauli can delight you at its each corner with its old style atmosphere. Being the birthplace of art critic Bond, Kasauli is that the dream destination for readers and writers will realize heaps of inspiration amidst its pristine beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Distance between New Delhi to Kasauli is 293 km by Road along with an aerial distance of 252 km. There are no direct flights or trains or buses between New Delhi to Kasauli. The road distance between Chandigarh to Kasauli is fifty five (55) kilometre, whereas the aerial distance from Chandigarh to Kasauli is twenty five (25) kilometre
Considered the resting place of Lord Hanuman throughout his hunt for medicines for Lakshmana in keeping with the Indian epic Sanskrit literature, Kasauli is additionally an area of Brobdingnagian spiritual significance. trip the best purpose of Kasauli, the Manki purpose or the Monkey purpose, because it is popularly known as and treat your eyes to the spectacular sights of the complete natural depression, the covering range of mountains peaks and therefore the pristine Sutlej watercourse flowing below. This city in Himachal is additionally home to the holy avatar Bhavan Mandir, a well-liked pilgrim spot for Hindus in-built the year 1926. This widespread temple resembles a church associated is taken into account an subject area marvel. Another renowned temple and looking spot of Kasauli is that the Shri cake Balak Nath Temple, dedicated to the native immortal of this region. The locals believe that a visit to the current holy temple can grant them their desires of getting youngsters. The best time to go to Kasauli, a preferred hill station in Himachal Pradesh, month is between April to June then once more from September to November month. Kasauli enjoys a heat and temperate climate normally. The summers ar gentle and moderate, whereas winters ar quite chilly and monsoon ar sticky and oppressive.
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