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Village Tour In Uttarakhand

Village In Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a well known state of Northern India. It is visited by millions of travelers and devotees alike as it is blessed with several mesmerizing destinations, adventurous spots and most revered shrines of India which are namely as Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath. The state is often called as the ‘Dev Bhoomi’ which literally means ‘the land of god’. Uttarakhand is mainly consisted of two communities- Garhwali and Kumauni. Though these both communities are a part of one state but still their culture and language differs from each other which provides visitors a great opportunity to explore more about both the communities, their different rituals and relations between them.

The hamlets of the state are situated amidst such beautiful landscape which is surrounded with verdant hills, snow clad peaks and river streams. The village tourism along with eco tourism in Uttarakhand, are developing day by day to offer tourist more opportunities to explore and relax amidst the lap of nature. Some villages such as Papartoli, Pabo Bazar, Musagali, Khirsu, Sukra, Dhana are part of the most popular tourist destination where visitors can learn and explore about the culture and charming way of life in the hills of Uttarakhand.

Village tourism in Uttarakhand offers you a golden opportunity to live a refreshing and entirely new life. Here you can relax in the lap of nature, enjoying some on the ground activities such as crop sowing, living the house of mud which is surrounded with fascinating sceneries and a lot more.

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For foodies, the traditional cuisines of Uttarakhand are also the one that shouldn’t be missed. Especially dishes like Kafuli, Dubuk, Bhang Ki Chatney, Garhwal Ka Fannah, Phaanu, Baadi, Kandalee Ka Saag, Chainsoo, Garhwali Raita are so delicious to eat and popular in the region. They can also have Bal Mithai, Arsa, Jhangora Ki Kheer, etc as a sweet dish.

The people of Uttarakhand are so busy in their daily life but on the same hand if they meet any tourist they welcome them with their opened arms. Therefore, visiting Uttarakhand and its villages is an experience that must be taken at least once in a lifetime.